Why we do it

We believe in the power of branding,

and the ability to transform people and businesses.


I believe in the power of branding, and it’s ability to transform people and businesses.

When it comes to attracting, keeping, and inspiring people, money alone won’t do it. People want to be part of something that involves a cause; a purpose that offers people a chance to do work that makes a difference, and a “reason why” they should care.

People will come and work for you not because they need a job, but because they believe what you believe. People will buy your products and services not because you have something they need or want, but because they believe what you believe.

And, as we all know, people who believe what you believe will walk to the end of the earth for you, no matter how much [or how little] you pay them to do it.


My Services range from logo design and branding to publication design, event and exhibition design, marketing material, general design support and more. I work with small businesses and big busineses

Graphic Design

Branding, logo design and brand strategy is my area of expertise. As a branding designer, I have worked with business both large and small to create logos, brands and guidelines that are strong, relevant and personally connected to their audience. My branding package offers full set of colours, fonts, imagery and logos that allows you (or anyone that you work with) to create consistent, on-brand marketing collateral.


A business card, letterhead and professional email signature are essentials when creating a business. I work with you on designing perfectly branded stationery material, along with any additional stationery needs including letterheads, invoice templates, with comps, presentation folders, marketing material and more. Your stationery is a vital part of your brand. I also have fantastic relationships with printers.


I offer website design for small businesses, start-ups, and more. My website’s designs are clean, minimal, and considered. I work with WordPress to design websites that are functional and easy to manage. My design rates include design, basic back end set up, forms, social links and more.


I am here to help bring your product to life. I specialise in packaging design in the health & wellness, beauty & cosmetic, food (excluding FMCG), home and lifestyle industries. I enjoy working on packaging that is clean, minimal and purpose driven. Contact me today with the details of your branding project.


A large number of businesses both big and small often don’t have in-house Graphic Designers.
I provide design support for all businesses can help with digital marketing material, print material, event and exhibition signage, corporate documents, and more. Providing Graphic Design support to businesses big and small is one of our main areas of expertise.

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